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Olympic Medalist Jessica Ennis Gives Her Gold to the Dog

The women's heptathlon champ drapes her Lab in gold for the Twitter masses.

 |  Aug 17th 2012  |   3 Contributions

In what seems to be a trend in Olympic medalists letting their pooches pose with their prizes, women's heptathlon competitor (it's a race that involves seven athletic disciplines: hurdles, high jump, shot-put, two runs, a long jump, and a javelin throw -- whew! We're tired just writing that!) and gold medalist Jessica Ennis Tweeted a photo of her choco-Lab, Myla, donning her gold medal. Adorable!

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So adorable!

Just like Andy Murray, who posted a photo of his adorable Terriers with his silver and gold medals, Jessica let Myla share in her victory. And we've got to say that Myla looks pretty darn proud of her human friend's accomplishments! Of course, even if Jessica had come home empty-handed, Myla would still be happy to see her. To dogs, we are always first place -- just as they are always first place in our hearts.

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We're glad there's no Olympic cuteness competition -- we wouldn't be able to pick a winner! They're all so adorable. Even if they're "ugly dogs," their capacity for love and devotion makes all dogs beautiful.

We wonder whether we'll be seeing more Olympic champs' pets sporting their medals now that the games are over. 


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