Ohio Dog Saves Couple from Fire

 |  Feb 16th 2007  |   0 Contributions

Way to go, Katie Bell!

Thanks to the Denver Daily News for this good news!

Dog saves couple in fire
By ASSOCIATED PRESS - February 14, 2007
Someones getting some extra kibble.

A man in the western Ohio town of Kenton said the family dog likely saved him and his fiancee from a weekend fire at their home.

The dog, named Katie Bell, was sleeping near the couple after they went to bed in an upstairs room. She woke them around 4 a.m. Sunday by whining and acting restless, said Greg Weaver.

When Weaver tried to let the dog out of the bedroom, she tried to stop him by blocking the doorway, Weaver said. When he did open the door, he was greeted by black smoke.

Weaver and Misty Parker escaped the fire by climbing out a window and jumping into the bed of Weavers pickup truck below, he said.

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