Ohio Amish Country Hosts 300 Dog Puppy Mill Auction

 |  Apr 21st 2007  |   15 Contributions

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My tail is wagging for Kristina Lang and her colleagues for calling out the puppy millers!

Thanks to WKYC for this update on this horrendous practice.

Animal rights activists protest Holmes County dog auction

HOLMES COUNTY -- Animal rights activists in Geauga County scared away the Buckeye Dog Auction earlier this month.
So the controversial event went back to where it began in Holmes County.

On the serene Amish roads of Holmes County, an outburst of anger, greets dog-breeders in horse-drawn buggies. Protesters gathered Saturday, outside what they call a "puppy mill." More than 300 dogs are caged and up for auction.

Animal rights organizer Kristina Lang says this group is against what she calls "puppy mill operators," people who load breeding dogs onto trailers and haul them off to be sold at auctions.

The group's mascot is Marilyn Monroe, one of two breeding dogs Lang rescued. Lang says her pets exemplify how dogs are mistreated.

Lang says Marilyn Monroe's vocal chords were cut out and there nothing the vet can do to fix it.

Cameras are not allowed inside the building. The auction owners declined an interview. But they let Channel 3 inside and we looked at all the dogs, which appear healthy and clean but protesters say that's because they knew we were coming and had strict orders to clean them up.

Protesters say they want the public to know that this is a behind the scenes look at some puppy sale places.

Protestors in disguise mixed in with the breeders who came to bid on dogs. They go around to various dog auctions to rescue the animals and take them to shelters.

Follow this link to watch the video.


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