Off-Leash May Soon Be Illegal in New York City

 |  Oct 24th 2006  |   1 Contribution

Amanda barked in to tell us all about what is happening in New York City. If any other Dogsters know anymore about this situation please bark in!

Dog owners in NYC desperately need your help!

NYC politely lets our dogs off leash in parks as a courtesy. The problem is there is a lobby against us and they are winning! There is currently an amendment in place which would grant off-leash as official law, but it is in danger of NOT passing!! (thus making off-leash ILLEGAL)

Help! Off leash is crucial to the exercize, socialization and packs of New York City. The dog runs are completely insufficient. We run the risk of losing our very precious exercize grounds and means for socializing our pups!

You have to help us! Please, please, please. On behalf of the estimated 2 million dogs in New York City, we NEED your help!This law will go before a public hearing on November 1st. It's called the Amendment to Section 165.

What can you do? Send an email at this link.

Thank you!
Amanda & Dungee

You can also get more information on the issue at the above link.


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