Nude Drunk Man Arrested While Operating on His Doberman

 |  Jun 21st 2011  |   36 Contributions

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A blood-covered Stewart Gibbs allegedly told police he was a doctor when they found him doing "surgery" on his Dobie

Chicago police responding to a call about a drunk, naked man covered in blood found just that when they entered the apartment of Steward Gibbs. When Gibbs let police in, his hands were covered with blood, and there was blood on the floor and walls of three rooms and the hallway, police say.

The source of the blood: His Doberman pinscher, a good-natured boy named Foley. Foley had a big open wound under his right ear when police arrived. Gibbs told police he had been trying to remove a cyst there. He used a butcher knife.

Police say Gibbs "appeared very intoxicated" and claimed to be a medical doctor - a cardiologist, to be precise. His public defender now says he is a health care administrator.

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A Doberman

Despite the surgery, the dog was conscious and "very pleasant" to police, who carried him to the police car to take him to the emergency veterinary hospital. There, the vet crew cleaned him up and stitched him up. Gibbs gave up custody of Foley, who is now at Chicago Animal Care and Control.

Gibbs was arrested and has been charged with one count of felony aggravated cruelty to animals. Yesterday his bond was set at $75,000.

Wow. Poor Foley. Sounds like he could use a more sober household with a little less of the do-it-yourself spirit.

Update 5 pm PST June 21: Foley has been fired from his job as a top administrator for a large network of doctors in DuPage County, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Sources: The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, NY Daily News


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