Norwegian Town Plans Curfew for Yelping Dogs

 |  May 11th 2006  |   0 Contributions

How loud does it have to be before a town passes a curfew law against loud dogs? It must be pretty bad because according to the AP and Fox Carolina 21, a Norwegian town is doing just that.

OSLO, Norway Residents of a small town (Fjell) in Norway are so fed-up with loud late-night carousing that they plan a curfew -- for dogs.

An official in the town of about 20-thousand people says he proposed a new regulation to keep "barking dogs" inside by 10 p-m weeknights. The head of forestry for the western Norwegian town says the curfew is directed at "the notorious yelping dogs."

It wouldn't be illegal to take a quiet dog on a late-night walk.

The official expects the city council to pass the curfew next week.

I just wonder of they have a "most-wanted" list for those "notorious yelping dogs?"

You can get more information from this Detroit Free-Press article.


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