Norwegian St. Bernard Bamse Honored with Statue in Scotland

 |  Oct 21st 2006  |   3 Contributions

Ted and Ace

I can see Montrose is on my list of definite "to-visits" next time I go to Scotland! It looks like Ted and Ace here who live in the UK are already looking for the statue honoring one of their breed,

This article is from the site.

Norwegian sea-dog honoured in Scotland

CBC News

A bronze statue commemorating a Norwegian sea-dog and war hero has been unveiled in Montrose, Scotland.

Bamse the St. Bernard was the mascot of a Norwegian minesweeper based on the East coast of Scotland during the Second World War. He sailed aboard the Thorodd and even had his own his sailor's cap.

Weighing nearly 90 kg and standing a metre high at the shoulder, Bamse became a much-photographed symbol of resistance to the Nazis after their occupation of Norway in 1940.

After he died in 1944, his grave became a well-tended place of pilgrimage for Norwegian tourists, animal lovers and history buffs.

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