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Norman the Scooter Dog Rides Into a Guinness World Record

The dog was famous for his feats. So Guinness tracked him down and said, "Prove it." He did.

 |  Jul 16th 2013  |   9 Contributions

Normally, we believe that dogs shouldn't get Guinness World Records for doing people things ... but, to tell the truth, it doesn't happen very often, so we're going to get on board with this one and get excited.

Norman the Scooter Dog set a world record!

To be honest, our first thought on hearing that Norman the Scooter Dog got a world record was confusion. Didn't Norman the Scooter Dog didn't already have a world record for scootering? It's 2013. Shouldn't this have happened by now? 

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Norman is off to strong start, setting an ambitious pace.

It turns out Guinness was thinking the very same thing. The company contacted Norman a little while ago and asked him if he'd, you know, like one. 

"We had just gotten an email from Guinness and they said, 'Hey we designed a new record, and we wanted to see if Norman would be interested in setting it,'" Norman's owner Karen Cobb told the New York Daily News. "So of course we said yes, how much fun does that sound!"

(Don't you wish Guinness would send you an email like that? Course it would probably be about eating chips or sleeping or something.)

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Halfway in, Norman is calm, focused. This is where the training takes over.

The terms of the contest were as follows: The three-year-old sheepdog would need to scooter 100 feet in less than 30 seconds. The scootering was to take place at a gymnasium in Marietta, Georgia. Fans could be present, and they could yell and scream, because this would eventually be covered by everybody

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The finish in sight, Norman ignores the cameras, a true champion.

The best part: The event would raise money for Road Trip Home, a charity that aims to save animals from high-kill shelters.

So Karen Cobb embarked upon a training regimen for Norman, which consisted entirely of scootering. The big day arrived, and Norman the Scooter Dog scootered his heart out, covering the distance in just 20 seconds. 

The arena erupted with applause. 

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He's done it. Norman the Scooter Dog is your new world champion.

Norman can also ride a bike and a skateboard. We figure Guinness will be sending an email about those any day now. 

Congratulations, Norman. You've earned it. 

Via New York Daily News

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