Noisy Dogs Could Be Killed

 |  Mar 18th 2011  |   45 Contributions

If you live in Adelaide, Australia, and have a bark-prone dog, that dog could face the death penalty if the city council approves a harsh anti-barking proposal.

Some council members and residents feel the current law doesn't have enough teeth. The radical new proposal calls for the removal of noisy dogs whose owners are not present when the authorities come knocking. Dogs who are not picked up within an allotted time could be killed, according to a Discovery article.

Those who are subjected to the incessant barking of a nearby dog are glad for the chance at silence.

"To all the whingers who live by the motto 'dogs bark - thats what they do' - yes they do, and they drive the rest of us mad when you let them," one commenter wrote. "Keep them quiet, keep them inside, whatever, just don't let them ruin everyone elses right to peace & quite."

But many in the community are outraged, saying the proposal is utterly inhumane, and devalues the lives of pets.

"...these ideas are over the top and there are a lot of vulnerable people, the elderly and those on low incomes will lose their companion pets," Residents and Ratepayers Association president Kevin Kaeding told Adelaide Now. "The councils are just trying to make it easier to destroy these animals."

Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a dog who barks at night or all day can understand how hard and frustrating it can be. But the death penalty? Dogsters, do you have a dog who barks too much? What steps have you taken to keep the peace? And if you've ever been driven batty by an incessantly barking neighbor dog, have you tried to do anything about it? By sharing your experiences, you could help others with similar problems. Bark back! (But not too loudly...)


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