Nigerian Police Tell Citizens to Get Dogs to Combat Crime

 |  Dec 23rd 2007  |   0 Contributions

Thanks to Reuters Africa for this article.

Get dogs, whistles to help police, Nigerians told
Sun 23 Dec 2007

LAGOS (Reuters) - Nigerian families should keep dogs and whistles to help police combat crime, a senior police officer has advised.

Nigeria, a chaotic country of 140 million people, is plagued by frequent armed robberies in banks, markets, cafes and homes.

The problem gets worse in the weeks before Christmas as people travel around the country carrying cash and presents home to their extended families.

"I will advise people to keep dogs because they are sensitive animals. When you are passing, even if you are not a criminal, the dog will always bark," Bala Kassim, an assistant superintendent of police, was quoted as saying by the Daily Trust newspaper.

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