New Zealand Teen Dies Trying to Save Dog From Fire

 |  Oct 4th 2006  |   2 Contributions

How very, very sad! What a good young man!

This article comes from the New Zealand Herald.

Teenager died trying to save dog from fire

The teenage victim of a sleepout fire in Rangiora ignored the pleas of his friends not to re-enter the blazing building to rescue a dog, police said tonight.

Anthony James Chiles-Peart, 17, was spending the night in the sleepout at a friend's house during a school holiday get-together, when it caught fire at 3.58am today.

Mr Chiles-Peart and two other teenage boys in the sleepout all escaped, but Mr Chiles-Peart went back inside to rescue a small dog.

Detective Sergeant Rex Barnett said the dog had not belonged to Mr Chiles-Peart.

"His friends told him not to go back. Obviously it was fraught with danger."

Mr Barnett said it was believed the fire was caused by a candle left burning in a Chinese lantern.

There were no suspicious circumstances and the matter would be referred to the coroner.

The get-together had been "just an innocent sort of thing", he said.

But the occupants of the sleep-out -- a converted garage -- broke the cardinal rule of lighting a candle and going to sleep.

Rangiora Chief Fire Officer Ross Ditmer said one other person receiver minor injuries from the fire, and the dog died alongside Mr Chiles-Peart.

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