New Zealand Robbery Suspect Loses Bite Fight With Police Dog

 |  Feb 10th 2007  |   0 Contributions

What could this guy have been thinking!?!?! What I appreciate though is that the police officer made a point of saying that the human bit first!

Thanks to the Brockton News for this article.

Dog wins bite fight with robbery suspect
Staff and agencies

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Man bites dog; dog bites back. That was the sequence when Alsatian police dog Edge cornered two suspects on a cliff side after a grocery store robbery in Napier, New Zealand, police said on Thursday.

"He bit the dog first," Detective Sergeant John McGregor told The Associated Press.

"The dog did win the fight, the offender ended up with one or two lacerations," McGregor said. "I think he knew he was going to get bitten so he bit the dog first."

In June 2006 Edge underwent emergency surgery after an offender stabbed him in the chest with a hunting knife. After surgery and a blood transfusion, the dog made a complete recovery.


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