New York Dog Tina Still Missing After Car Accident

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If any Dogsters ahve seen Tina, please contact the Stelters.

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Family dog missing

By: Cait McVey

John Stelter said his dog Tina loves car trips, so this past New Year's Eve, he brought her along for a ride to Auburn with his wife Brenda. But, they never made it there. While driving on Route 176 in the town of Ira, another driver fell asleep at the wheel.

"I saw the car coming in my lane, tried to swerve to the left, and didn't quite make it," said Stelter.

The cars hit head-on. Stelter was able to climb out of the wreck, but Brenda was trapped inside. And Tina, their loyal dog, wouldn't leave without her.

"She was licking her face, from what I understand, until we got her out. So, tremendous amount of loyalty there. A lot of love," said Stelter.

Just minutes after Brenda was pulled from the car, it burst into flames. Scared and confused, Tina ran off into the woods, and the family hasn't seen her since. With all of the recent snowfall, Stelter said he only hopes someone found her in time.

"She's an indoor dog. I'm praying that someone has her. She's the type that will come inside and hide under the blankets," he said.

Stelter has looked for Tina since the accident, but without any luck. Now, he's hoping you can help. Tina is a German shepard-beagle mix. She was last seen at the intersection of Route 176 and Humphrey Road in the town of Ira.

"I'm hoping people see this, and maybe someone has and calls us to let us know where she is and hopefully bring her home. That's all I can hope and pray. I miss her, miss her a lot," said Stelter.

If you have any information on Tina, contact the Stelters at (315)402-2729.

Follow this link to watch the video.


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