New Yahoo Ad Brings Dog Back to Life

 |  Oct 11th 2006  |   5 Contributions

Bella Bee

I hadn't seen this ad but Kemmy, Bella Bee's mom, barked in about it.

The commercial does seem to have that Pet Cemetary air to it. No offense meant to Mr. King. I'm a big Stephen King fan (except for his treatment of dogs in his books but that's another post). What do you think about the Yahoo ad?

Me, I like the new Michelin Tire ad where the Michelin man drives into a forbidding area on a dark night to rescue the Michelin dog. It really makes me want to go out and buy new Michelin tires!

Kemmy barked:
Just wanted to make you aware of a very distasteful yahoo commercial In this commercial Yahoo has used the death of a beloved family pet as a selling point for their product. As a dog lover I find this commercial not only
offensive but irresponsible as well. It takes only one child to believe that fertilizer will heal or bring back to life their tragedy waiting to happen.

Having lost too many loved ones this commercial is beyond being just bad taste.


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