New Weekly Feature -- Sunbear Squad Watch Tips

 |  Jul 31st 2006  |   0 Contributions

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Sunbear Squad Watch Tips logo
We're starting a new weekly feature called the Sunbear Squad Watch Tips! Every week we'll have one watch tip to help all of us get better at watching out for the dogs around us, ours and those in our neighborhoods. The ever alert and helpful Sunbear Squad are supplying the tips and, having read ahead, I can tell you they cover things I would have never considered.

So check in every Monday for your new Sunbear Squad Watch Tip! And between times check out the Sunbear Squad site with lots of great info on topics such as setting up neighborhood watches.

Here's our tip today:

Watch for pets that have matted fur from stickers and burdockthey may get infections in their mouths from attempts to clean their fur because the tiny barbs become embedded in the mouth tissues.


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