New Update on NYC Pit Bull Anthony

 |  Feb 14th 2008  |   6 Contributions


Thanks to Yvette W. for barking in this update on Pit Bull Anthony. I'm so glad to hear that he is safe for now, at least.

The judge acquitted the man on all charges even though the ADA had misapplied the available statute. Seems most of the cruelty siezures in NYC have levied misdemeanor charges.

We are organising our forces for a media campaign to insist on more strict adherence to anti-cruelty law available, the city ignores the statutes insisting on felony charges.

Big component of problem is that companion animal law is imbedded in agriculture market law which reduces animals to a status of property, mere chattel.

Anthony has not been returned to his abuser because the ACC not the Judge found a technicality that requires licensing. Anthony's owner never liscensed him and he waited one and a half months after Anthony was seized by the officers to lay claim at the ACC. The rule is 10 days. He has been threatening and demanding returnment but the new executive director is willing to risk his suiing.

In short in no way a success rather a dismal failure as the ruling set precedent. Anthony escaped his abuser not because the city defended him but rather on a technicality through policy at the shelter and the director being savvy enough to invoke it.


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