New Stroll for Steve Irwin and Link to Official Book of Condolences

 |  Sep 7th 2006  |   9 Contributions

Steve Irwin

If you are wondering how you can join others in mourning the passing of the great animal "bloke" Steve Irwin, Dogster Frances Rocks and the bipedess were kind enough to let us all know what's going on.

Francis Rocks and the bipedess wrote:
Just barking in Joy to tell you about a couple things.

Buddie D Smoth has started a stroll in honor of that great animal lover Steve Irwin. Tag a photo Steve Irwin and support Buddie D Smith in this stroll.

Caffrey also shared with us a link to an official book of condolences to sign by the Queensland government.

Thanks for spreading the word Joy!

Thank you Buddie D. Smith, Caffrey and of course, Frances Rocks and the bipedess!


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