NEW!!! Photo Tag Fun - Wooooof!

 |  Aug 10th 2005  |   0 Contributions

While uploading a new photo or managing your photos in photo manager you may have been wondering, “what is this photo tag business?” Well, a photo tag is a word or set of comma separated words that describes a photo. These descriptions are totally up to you. If your photo shows your furry friend at the beach playing frisbee you might want to tag the photo something like, “beach, frisbee, play, coney island, new york.” Colors, activites, locations, breeds… anything goes.

Now comes the real fun. If you go to our new Photo Tag Seach Tool, you can enter any word and we will search all the photo tags to see if your word matches. For instance, if you put in ‘beach‘, you will see all the dogs at the beach. You will also see the tags from those photos which you can then click to see more photo sets. What fun!

To add or edit your tags, first go to your account page. Plus members can add or edit tags in the Photo Manager. Everyone else can use the special ‘Add/edit Photo Tags’ page located in each pet’s section. Remember this is not a photo caption.

Let us know in the forums, how you like it or what cool searches you have done. Have fun!


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