New Jersey Kids Give Money to Seeing Eye Dog Program

 |  May 18th 2006  |   1 Contribution

Kids in NJ with seeing eye dog

New Jersey must have some good parents because the state sure has some great kids! The Asbury Park Press reports that kids are giving their extra money to a seeing eye dog program.

First-graders' money going to the dogs

First-grader Bijou Jackson got money from the tooth fairy when her front tooth fell out, and gave it to the dogs.

Robert Ethridge, also a first-grader at the Primary School, gave away change he would have spent on video games.

So did Jose Tochiuitl, and as a thank-you, he got his finger licked by a happy Seeing Eye puppy that, with training, will help guide a blind person.

Ninety first-graders at the school have been collecting money for The Seeing Eye's Pennies for Puppies program since March. The Seeing Eye is a dog-guide school in Morristown.

And Wednesday, the children got a firsthand look at where their money is going. Four tail-wagging, warm-eyed, furry Seeing Eye puppies-in-training visited the school.

"I gave my tooth money because I love those dogs so much," Bijou said after she got to pet Poncho, a 5 1/2-month-old German shepherd.

Six first-grade classes donated $250 Wednesday to The Seeing Eye, and the children were paid back in licks and a chance to pet four happy dogs.

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