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New Groups on Dogster!

Charlie keeps an ear up for the Staffies & Bullie breeds forever Looking to meet some new doggy friends? Want to learn more about a...

Joy  |  May 31st 2006

Charlie keeps an ear up for the

<href=”http://www.dogster.com/group/grp_page.php?g=2355″>Staffies & Bullie breeds forever

Looking to meet some new doggy friends? Want to learn more about a particular subject? Just want to have more fun on Dogster? Check out some of these new groups looking for more Dogster friends!

CuRL tAiLs — curlin, hangin, broken, or bent;curls and kinks makes animals uniques!!

Sydneysiders — Beach bums & city slickers; All pups that live in Sydney, Australia

Raw Fed Dogs –raw, barf,dogs; Place for people to talk about Raw feeding

I LOVE ROCKS — rocks rock; 4 All dogs who love rocks (Does this qualify as REALLY raw feeding?)

Staffies & Bullie breeds forever — Bullie Breeds forever; A page for all Staffiies, Pitts, Mastiffs & any bullie big breeds.

Concerned Owners for Vaccination Education — Information every dog owner should have. Providing a forum for dogs and their people to learn about the effects of and alternatives to vaccination.

new pups and pups that are willing to help us new pups out –new and old; new pups and old pups

Angels On A Leash — Therapy Dogs Worldwide Unite! Therapy Dogs International

Star Wars Legend — Hold on to your lightsabers! All Star Wars fan, REJOICE!

The Kewl Dogs of New Jersey — All dogs who live in NJ join now!!!!!!!! A group for all dogs big and small who live in New Jersey.

Chihuahua World Domination! — little dogs…..big plans; Founded by Dr. Ernesto “Chi” Guevara.

Dog & Cat Mamas — R U a furmama or expecting? Join us. This group is to provide support & advice to expecting furmama’s

Seppala Siberian Sleddogs — The new breed from Canada’s Yukon. Information and companionship for Seppalas & Seppala-folks!

This is just a few of the MANY fun and enlightening groups here at Dogster! So jump in and make some new barking buddies!

Hutch and Trina

Hutch and Trina, with jj below, look for help in the new pups and pups willing to help us out group.



Russ administers the CuRL tAiLs

Chopper wants more Sydney pups to play with in Sydneysiders!

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