New Dogster Group -- The Clothing Exchange

 |  Feb 11th 2007  |   0 Contributions


Dogster Parker barked in to tell us all about a new Dogster group, The Clothing Exchange. What a great idea!

I know I have several brand new outfits that I bought for Beatrice that just don't fit and I'm terrible about remembering to take them back before the receipt expires! And what about those toys that you win or people give you that just aren't appropriate for your dog! Maybe they're too big or too small. Now you can sell them or even donate all this stuff to a good cause.

Parker, make sure to bark back in and let us know which good causes can benefit from our donated items!

I just wanted to let you know about a new group, The Clothing Exchange. It was set up by Aurora, Kong and I as a place for dogsters to exchange new and gently used clothing, toys and collars. We will also have donations for rescues and a section for free clothing. Right now we're holding a logo contest. Rules can be found on our group page Thanks!!!

Here's the official description of The Clothing Exchange:

Have you ever wondered what to do with those clothes that are too small or you just don't wear? What about those "great deals" you just had to buy and then got home only to wonder what you were thinking???

Well, bring them to The Clothing Exchange! A place where you can sell or donate your old /new clothes, collars, toys , etc.!!! You can also pick up some great "new" items as well!

Please visit our group at The Clothing Exchange Group where you can get info and then link to The Clothing Exchange Website/store.


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