New Dogster Group -- All Fur Fun!

 |  Mar 30th 2007  |   0 Contributions


Its Spring and time to get out and have some fun! How about getting into a brand new Dogster group dedicated to fun? Here's what Dallas barked in to invite us all to come out and play!

I wanted to let Joy know about a new group called
All Fur Fun

****fun, Fun, FUn, FUN! Contests * Games * Events * Activities**** Where Every Critter is a Winner!
This group is a place to come and participate in Games, Contests, Holiday Special Events and Much more Fun..
We had not planned to open until April 1st but some how a pup slipped in then they rushed the gates to come play the games.

We had 26 games and contest going, with 5 winners today. you get points for different games and contest going towards a Grand Prizes at the end of the year. How to get points? Participate In Games and Contests.. Each Game, Contest or Thread Game we have here, earns you points. Some Games and Contests Give Big Points as Prizes. Enter to win those games for sure.

If you like puzzles, bingo, brain teasers, word games come join!

Thanks, Dallas


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