New Dog Law In Pennsylvania

 |  Aug 28th 2009  |   11 Contributions

Good news coming out of Pennsylvania, a new dog law was passed. The budget may still not be agreed upon but House Bill 39 was.

Angelique Gonzalez from reports on the passing of the new bill.

Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) signed legislation making it illegal for anyone but a licensed veterinarian to perform certain medical procedures -- like cropping a dogs ears or docking their tail.

House Bill 39 also makes it a third degree felony to steal an animal for the purpose of using it in dog fights.

"Until now these cruel practices could be carried out by dog owners without proper training and without the supervision of a licensed vet causing long term injury, pain, suffering and in some cases even death," said Gov. Rendell.

Pennsylvania has a notorious reputation as being the "puppy mill capital of the east." In October 2008 a law to make puppy mills more humane was passed, but there is still a long way to go.

On September 19th Puppy Mill Awareness Day takes place to celebrate rescue, increase awareness to the cruelty within the mills, and provide a day of fun. The event takes place in Lancaster, PA. at Intercourse Park. To find out all about this wonderful event go to the Puppy Mill Awareness Day website.

Visit Dog Law Action to learn more about Pennsylvania's Dog Law legislation that has passed as well as other state related dog news.


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