New Characters in Haint!!! Two Winners!!!!

 |  Dec 11th 2006  |   5 Contributions


Well, it has taken much longer than I expected to read through the entrants for the "See Your Dog in a Book" Contest! So many fantastic and worthy entries came in I wanted to give each and every one full consideration. Let me tell you, I could people (or is that dog) a book from the many, many wonderful Dogsters who were kind enough to nominate their dogs! I finally came down to four or five finalist, all of whom would make fascinating new characters. Two of those will definitely be showing up in the Haint sequel!

Thank you to everyone who entered! It's very possible that more than the two winners will make it into this sequel. But no promises since I'm in the earliest stages of writing it.

So with no further delay, let me introduce two of the newest characters who will be appearing in Haint's yet unnamed sequel:

Jade Snoop -- Jade Snoop will be joining the new Beagle Breed/Tribe

Jade Snoop

YiPpy -- YiPpy will be a member of the new Mixed Breed/Tribe

Welcome to the future, girls!

As I mentioned before, it is very likely that other contestants may find their way into the book as well. If that happens, I'll let everyone know on the Dogster Blog Bark Out!


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