Nepal to Use Dogs to Stop Rhino Poaching

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I would love to hear more about this program after they get it running!

Thanks to for this news.

NA to deploy 4 sniffer dogs to nab rhino poachers
Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, Jan 29 - To contain poaching of the rare one-horned rhino in the country, Nepal Army is going to deploy four sniffer dogs in conservation areas.

Speaking at an interaction organized by Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) on Sunday, Lieutenant Colonel Sudarshan Bikram Rana informed the NA has prepared four sniffer dogs for deployment in the area to detect poachers.

"We will deploy dogs soon after preparing shelters for them. In addition, we have intensified patrolling in conservation areas," he further said.

He also informed that NA has decided to re-establish 19 other security check posts in the core centers of Nature and Wildlife Conservation Areas within this month. These security check posts were reduced to nine during the conflict.

At the program, journalist Prabhakar Ghimire presented a paper about rhino poachers who are enjoying impunity. "This is a much discussed issue these days, but poachers are enjoying impunity with the help of higher-ups," he said. "Those culprits should be punished at the earliest."

Likewise, Dr Rabi Sharma Aryal, a wildlife legal expert, said poachers are freed time and again due to legal loopholes. "The need of the hour is strong punishment for poachers and for those who provide shelter to them," he said.


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