Neighbor Neglects Dogs: What Would You Do?

 |  Sep 21st 2008  |   27 Contributions

One of our Dogster member's responded to the Barking Mad article with a question regarding a neighbor who neglects their dogs.

They are in a very difficult situation and looking for some much needed advice.

I'm posting the letter in hopes that a fellow Dogster may have dealt with this issue and will have some helpful advice to dole out.

The neighbors next door have seven to nine children (ranging in age from six months to eight years),plus two dogs.

These dogs are utterly unloved, and most nights they can be found outside, one loose and one on a chain. These folks don't have a fence, so the one that is loose ends up running the neighborhood and coming over to me and whoever else happens to be outside of my house at the time. This dog is not to be trusted due to the years of neglect, and she carries herself in such a way that you don't know what her next move is.

Heaven is an absolutely gorgeous American Bulldog. These folks "rescued" her from the pound, and for a few weeks gave her love and walked her about the neighborhood. She was well-fed, sheltered, and kept outside in the daytime on her chain. At this point, three months later, she never leaves the chain. She never gets any attention from her owners. She does not have food or water available for her most of the time.

It's disheartening to think forward to the future months and years, and how this animal's already negative disposition toward humans is going to decline.

They have called animal control to report the situation but no action has been taken. They are not sure of the next step and want to make sure they contact the appropriate officials. So Dogsters, what would you do?


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