Need A Brandy?

 |  Nov 10th 2008  |   9 Contributions

I received this very disturbing message yesterday about a dog in need. I'm hoping by posting it someone out there will need a Brandy.

She is a 14 -year- old lab mix that has been a loving companion for many years, in return her owner has now stuck in a cold garage to live out her "golden" years.

Brandy is located in Norristown, PA near the Philadelphia area. Robin, a PAWS volunteer, is trying to help re-home Brandy. She can be contacted at or send me a message for her phone number.

Senior girl Brandy needs a new home: Brandy is the "victim" of a re-marriage of her owner. The new spouse doesn't like dogs, so Brandy has been living in the garage as her owner did not want to abandon her. However, with winter approaching this cannot be a long term solution for Brandy.

Brandy is a 14 year old lab mix that deserves to live out her golden years in comfort, warmth and close to her people. The garage is left cracked a few inches at the bottom and her owner comes over to give the dog food and water, and to let it out in the yard every few days. Other than this Brandy is alone in the garage.

Brandy is good with people and kids, we are not sure about cats. This post is created with Brandy's owner's knowledge and he is grateful for the effort, so setting up a meeting shouldn't be a problem.

Brandy is spayed, but needs to be updated on her shots.

Please consider adopting this special girl, she would make a wonderful new addition.

This story goes into the "what is wrong with people?" category. I really don't understand how anyone could do this to their loving companion. I wonder if grandma has also become a nuisance and is out in the garage with Brandy?

Please, anyone looking for another family member give Brandy some consideration. One of the upsides of adopting a senior is they don't need that much exercise, just a lot of love.


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