NASCAR Dog Lovers -- Ryan and Chrissy Newman

 |  Oct 10th 2006  |   2 Contributions

Ryan and Chrissy Newman

Thanks to Christine for barking in about great NASCAR role models, Ryan and Chrissy Newman! We need more of these folks in the public eye!

Ryan Newman's wife Chrissy rescued dogs from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. They both have hosted several events to raise money for no-kill shelters. They now are working on Spay/neuter mobile clinics. They both welcome people's dogs at their fan events and talk often of their own four dogs that are adopted. They advocate for animal health care and have recently helped people be more aware of the need for a canine bloodbank and canine blood donors.

I have always owned AKC registered pure bred dogs from breeders but Ryan and Chrissy inspired me to adopt my little cocker spaniel/CKCS mix from the Humane Society. She was rescued from a puppy mill and has been my close companion every since.

Ryan Newman has devoted his time and money to dogs and their welfare. His foundation is dedicated to Animal welfare, the environment and education. What a fabulous role model he is!


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