Mystery Solved-- Thanks to Mo and Tessa Lee!

 |  Mar 29th 2006  |   3 Contributions

Fighting for Justice for Mooie

Tessa Lee fighting for justice for Mooie!

If you've been following the "woofs" on "Dog Blog Mystery -- Who Started Mooie Stroll???," then you've seen that our Dogster heroes have come forward. So I want to apologize to Mo and Tessa Lee for not mentioning them earlier.

Mo, seen to the right here, is a Katrina survivor who saw Mooie's story and started the Mooie forum with the aim of gaining justice for the murdered puppy.

Tessa Lee
Tessa Lee, in the picture to the left, saw the story on the forum and began the stroll for Mooie.

I'm glad to claim both of you as Dogster pack members! Big, meaty bones to both Mo and Tessa Lee!


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