Murphy Goes To His New Home

 |  Dec 9th 2008  |   22 Contributions

There has been such an overwhelming response to the story about Murphy, the dog left beaten in a park, so I wanted to let everyone know he's going to his new home today.

The 9-year-old Australian shepherd who suffered severe head injuries after being bashed in the head with a sledgehammer is expected to be released from the veterinary clinic once the paperwork is done and the home is set up for his care, said Stephen Pope, veterinarian and medical director of Pets Are People Too in Dunwoody.

His destination: the Dunwoody home of Robert Kennedy, who found the dog near death in Murphy Candler Park on Dec. 2. It was Kennedy's 60th birthday.

"The vet checked him out and said he only had a 10 percent chance of survival and it might be humane to put him down," Kennedy said. "But I thought, " Today is my birthday. I can't do that on my birthday.' "

To the vet's amazement Murphy not only survived, he's now well enough to go to his new home. In order to be released they had to get Murphy eating again. He started with baby food, and while he isn't eating dog food he seems to have no issues with rotisserie chicken. I think Murphy is going to be in for a pretty good life from here on out.

Today Murphy will be going home with his new owner, Robert Kennedy, the hero who found and helped save his life. He'll be living with two other canine family members, and Kennedy's daughter.

Murphy also has gifts waiting. A representative from Bill Jac dog food has pledged a month's worth of chow for Murphy. A manager at the Westin at the Concourse wants to give Murphy one of the hotel's "heavenly dog beds."

"I'm just overwhelmed by the generosity of people, and I'm going to make sure that generosity is justified," he said.

I think Mr. Kennedy's generosity is overwhelming, good luck to him and Murphy. We wish them the best.


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