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Mungo & Maud Offers Products (and Laughs) for the Pampered Pooch

The U.K. company opens a pop-up shop in Paris retail store Merci.

 |  Sep 28th 2012  |   1 Contribution

Mungo & Maud is a U.K. based "dog and cat outfitter" that lives by the notion that "whoever said money can't buy happiness was clearly not a dog." With an emphasis on high-quality pet products such as hand-stitched leather collars, wool pet blankets, and miniature dog bags that can easily be mistaken for the latest Prada line, Mungo & Maud ain't no Petco, that's for sure.

While most of their items are a little out of our range, that doesn't mean we can't do a little Internet browsing and drool over their cozy quilted puffer dog coats, quaintly illustrated ceramic dog bowls, and charming stuffed-robot dog toy. If we had the money, we'd spend it all on our dogs, cause they deserve it!

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Do they make these in human sizes?

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So cute!

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Take us to your cuteness leader.

But what we really love about Mungo & Maud, besides its commitment to stylish high-quality pet products, is its cheeky sense of humor. When it informed us about its pop-up shop at Merci in Paris, we were particularly amused with its display of a fake dog casually lifting his leg on a pile of the postman's offerings, poking fun at the age-old rivalry.

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Someone has a sense of humor!

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What a neat way to display things!

We'd love to be in Paris for Fashion Week, but alas, we cannot go. Maybe someone can send us a postcard. And no, don't let the dog sign it.

Photos courtesy of Mungo & Maud


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