Mud Magnet

This looks like a handy tool. Has anybody tried it? Bark in if you have!

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Get stuck on cleaning your dog

Washington Post
The Mud Magnet is a towel mitt for dirty dog paws.

Spot can sit, stay and roll over but can he wipe his paws before entering a tent or bounding into a beach rental?

Until obedience school teaches that trick, dog owners with pets on board can rely on the Mud Magnet ($9.99) to clean puppy feet. The cherry-red glove works like an old towel but with fingers and fits like a falconers gauntlet, so we could get a good grip on Lexi the Saint Bernards pads and scrub between her toes.

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Here’s what it says about the Mud Magnet on Bamboo Pet.

Mud Magnet paw cleaner

When dogs come indoors, they bring water, dirt and grime with them. Made of super absorbent Microfiber material that holds up to 6 times its weight in dirt and water, the Mud Magnet paw cleaner quickly cleans your dogs paws BEFORE your home or car can become dirty. Its unique 2-in-1 design coverts from a glove to a mitt. Use the glove for deep cleaning between toes and the mitt for cleaning large surfaces. Its quick drying, machine washable and convenient for use on all size dogs and paws. Keep one in the house and one in the car.