Two dogs in China wear masks as a precaution against H1N1. Dogs everywhere will want to adopt this style, since these dogs actually appear to be wearing little underpants over their noses! (Photo: AP)

A closeup of one of the above dogs. Is this dog really trying to avoid H1N1, or is he simply enjoying a day with his nose buried in underwear? (Photo: AP)

Now that H1N1 has been discovered in dogs, humans are fretting more than ever about this nasty virus. But while it’s the pits that dogs now appear to be susceptible to the virus, we’re relieved that so far, experts say they’re not concerned about the virus being transmitted from dogs to humans. This helpful and informative article addresses H1N1 and its relationship to the pets in our lives.

Seriously, though: Will Anpanman underwear really protect those we love from this terrible affliction? For now, we’ll just let these dogs enjoy their newfound heaven on earth.