Missing St. Louis Golden Retriever Lives Years With Woman, Returns Home 7 Years Later

 |  Feb 1st 2007  |   3 Contributions

The moral of this story is never give up hope!

Thanks to Carole Anne and Dixie for barking in this story from the Kansas City Star.

Weird News: Coincidence or miracle? After nearly 7 years, Cujo the dog is back with his owners
The Associated Press

ST. LOUIS Cujo was a frisky 7-year-old when he sneaked out of his owners yard in July 2000.

Now, thinner and grayer and with a tale that would be fascinating if only he could tell it, the golden retriever is back with the Barczewski family.

Its a miracle, 41-year-old Noreen Barczewski said at Fridays reunion. We found him!

Six years can do a lot to a dog, but it was unmistakably Cujo. There was the heart-shaped patch of white on his forehead, the white fur on his toes, his manner of greeting people by rubbing against them cat-style.

Cujo had somehow ended up 120 miles away in Columbia in the home of an elderly woman. When the woman entered a nursing home, the dog was sent to the Central Missouri Humane Society in Columbia.

A week ago, Noreen Barczewskis brother-in-law, Michael Barczewski, went to an adoption agency Web site on a fluke. Hed been looking for a dog to adopt and saw the picture of the old dog with the white heart mark and white feet.

He recognized the dog immediately, and the reunion followed within days.


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