Minneapolis Dog Protectors Help Shape New Dangerous Dogs Law

 |  Nov 15th 2007  |   0 Contributions

Thanks to WCCO.com for this article.

Animals Lovers Help Form Dangerous Dog Ordinance
Reporting Darcy Pohland

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) Minneapolis is one step closer to tightening restrictions on dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs. The city council got feedback from the public on plans to increase fees, make tougher rules and restrict ownership of dangerous dogs.

That feedback also came from dog lovers who hope to help shape the new ordinance.

"Any dog can be a dangerous dog in the wrong hands regardless of breed," said Underdogs Rescue director Shannon McKenzie.

However, the dogs getting the most attention recently for gravely injuring or killing their victims are pit bulls and similar so called bully breeds.

"That's all they want to do is please people and unfortunately, when they get in the wrong hands that's turned against them and that's how they're taught to be aggressive," said McKenzie.

"People create them to be dangerous to protect their drugs and protect their home and that's really sad and that has to be stopped," said Downtown Dogs Daycare owner Anne Hendrickson.

That's why the Minneapolis City Council is now considering preventing convicted felons from owning dogs weighing more than 20 pounds.

"Limiting legal access to people with felony record to those types of dogs will help the public, will help the dog breeds, will help the people that have dogs of those breeds that are responsible," said McKenzie.

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