Microchip in Family Dog Helps Child Get Home

 |  Jul 14th 2006  |   1 Contribution

Maybe it's time to start microchipping the kids too. This story comes to us from WPBF in Florida.

Police Use Dog's Microchip To Find Wandering Child's Home

Treasure Coast girl is home safe with her family Wednesday, thanks to her dog's microchip.

Alexis McGuirk-Goldman, 3, chased her dog Sam outside her Port St. Lucie home early Tuesday morning.

The little girl walked down the street and around the corner before someone saw her and called police.

Authorities said the problem was that nobody knew where she lived, and her parents didn't even know she was missing until police showed up.

Animal Care and Control was able to track down the girl's parents by scanning a microchip inside the dog.

Department of Children and Families officials came out and determined the family's home was safe.

Yet another reason to adopt a dog! Adopt a dog, microchip him or her and attach the dog to your child. Think of the possibilities! Think of all the newly adopted dogs!


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