Michael Vick Refuses To Visit Former Dogs

 |  Oct 15th 2009  |   38 Contributions

ollie1053034_1255236065Michael Vick was given the chance to visit some of his former dogs who are housed at Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls, also known as BAD RAP. He was going to be in the Bay Area this weekend when the Philadelphia Eagles are in town to play the Oakland Raiders.

Here are the details from The Associated Press.

"We understand Vick is trying to right his wrongs and is very interested in redemption, but you can't find redemption without acknowledging your victims," Racer said. "Making amends to the dogs themselves would have helped to create some closure for many of us, especially those people who worked so hard to keep them from being destroyed. It seems that Vick is not ready to go there."

The visit would have taken place at a location where Vick could view the dogs from a distance so that it satisfied the conditions of his parole that bar him from being near animals.

Despite the fact that Vick claims he is trying to 'right his wrong' he declined the offer. Maybe he was afraid the dogs would recognize him.

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