Miami's Fastest Chihuahua Advances To National Dog Race

 |  Jun 8th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Chihuahua racing in Miami

If you watch NBC6 in south Florida you might have seen this story.

MIAMI -- Carolina might be one of Miami's smallest dogs, but the six-pound Chihuahua is also one of the city's speediest.

The year-old Miami pup beat out 90 other Chihuahuas this weekend in Miami in a regional qualifying race for the PETCO Unleashed 2006 National Chihuahua Race.

Melissa Cole of Miami says her dog's big ears probably helped wing her to victory. Cole says her dog is tiny but tenacious, and has failed canine obedience school twice.

Carolina covered the 35-foot-long track in 3.5 seconds, securing one of seven spots in the national race to be held in San Diego in September. The title race will be held during a San Diego Padres baseball game.

Carolina prevailed despite being a tad heavier than the average weight for a Chihuahua -- 2.5 to 4.5 pounds. Chihuahuas can sprint up to 7 mph over short distances.

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