Miami, Florida Shelter Needs New Home Immediately

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Robbie Coy and shelter dogs
Robbie Coy plays with some of the dogs he has rescued for Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue in a temporary shelter. Coy and his dogs were evicted from a former warehouse in Hialeah.

Sometimes dog rescuers need rescuing too. Like this case in Hialeah, Florida (in the Miami area). The MiamiHerald reports that a long-time dog rescuer has lost his shelter space and needs help finding a new location.

Dog shelter needs rescue

The dogs, and the shelter, need new homes. Robbie Coy has done a good thing for a long time, and now he needs a little help.

After months of bickering with a landlord, Coy, owner of the nonprofit dog shelter Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue, has been evicted from a Hialeah warehouse he used as a kennel for the past six years.

The dispacement is due to a dispute between Coy and his landlord. For now, the dogs are housed across the street in a temporary shelter.

Why Coy and his pack are leaving isn't all that important. What is important is his ability to care for the homeless creatures.

For now, Coy has moved his 65 dogs across the parking lot to the restaurant. That allows them to roam the same lot near the corner of Northwest 37th Avenue and 46th Street. But now they are boarded in cages next to an old bar and wooden booths inside the building.

They need the air conditioning. It's getting hot out there.

Miami-Dade County's supervisor of animal services, Richard Smith, said an investigator visited Coy Wednesday and all the dogs appear to be in good health. For now, the county will not force him out of the restaurant.

Coy knows he can't stay there for long. He said he plans to build a new kennel near Homestead. He has some money from the T-shirt company, Consortium Enterprises, he ran in a warehouse next to Sabbath Rescue. But he's moving that company, too.

If you're interested in adopting a dog or you know of a place where Robbie Coy can shelter his animals permanently, call Coy at 305-799-1567 or e-mail him at His website is

Follow this link to read the rest of the article from the MiamiHerald.


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