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 |  Apr 16th 2007  |   2 Contributions

A Lot of Catsters and Dogsters have been meowing and barking in asking who to contact to join a class action law suit against Menu Pet Foods. Here is my most recent information. If you know more, please bark in!

Thanks to Summersnow for barking in this information:

RE: Class Action you can contact the law firm of Bonnett, Fiarbourn, Friedman & Balint

Toll Free: 1-800-847-9094
Direct Line: (602) 776-5965
Fax: (602) 274-1199

Ask For: Connie Traslvavina-Pena who is conducting all the in take information. This law firm can file Class Action suits in any state, all they need are affected Plaintiffs (pet owners) who reside in any given state, i.e., I live in Southern California, so a Class Action suit is being filed in the Southern State District Court, Southern Division against Menu Foods. My husband and I are named as the Plaintiffs anyone can join the suit if they are a resident of California. Just a week ago they filed a Class Action suit in New Jersey. For example, you reside in TN, so you can be a Plaintiff so the law firm can file in TN.

And Dianna barked this in:

I have been searching for attorneys since my dog died last month. Here are the names of a few:
Hope it helps, also note you do NOT need to live in the state your filing a class action suit in.

Owen, Patterson & Owen
23822 W. Valencia Blv Suite 201
Valencuia, Ca, 1-800-676-5295

John Blim & Jay Edelson
Blim & Edelson, LLC
53 West Jackson Blvd.
Suite 1642
Chicago , Illinois 60604
Tel.: (312) 913-9400

Marie C. Harmon
422 S. Gay Street, 3rd Floor
Knoxville, TN 37902
Telephone: 865-522-9942

Robert R. Kurtz
Stanley & Kurtz, PLLC
422 S. Gay St., 3rd Floor
Knoxville, TN 37902

If there are any other lawyers handling class action suits for this or other recalls, please bark in!

And to Summersnow and Diana, I didn't have your Dogster page numbers available. Please bark those in to me so I can give you credit and let others get to know you via your pages.


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