Memorial Day Stroll and Contest in Pet Poetry Group

 |  May 17th 2006  |   2 Contributions


Peanutty has started a Memorial Day Photo Contest in the Pet Poetry Group.

Hi pups! I'll add yet another contest to the many already out there on Dogster. Memorial day is in 2 weeks, so why not be patriotic in honor of this important day? Memorial Day is for us to offer tribute and honor the heroes who laid down their lives to preserve our freedom. You can let me know if you're entering here, but make sure you also tag your photo: Memorial day contest

Contest ends on Sunday night, May 28th. Good luck!


First place - 1 rosette & 300 bones
Second place - 1 rosette & 100 bones
Third place - 1 rosette
Fourth place - 400 bones

There will be honorable mentions as well. Have fun!

Live in Peace


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