Massachusetts Pit Bull Nitrous Murdered and Decapitated

 |  Jan 10th 2007  |   18 Contributions

How horrible! This crime deserves the same sort of prosecution expected of a human capital offense! What do you want to bet this human waste dump has done similar things in the past?

Please be aware that this is a very disturbing story.

The article comes from

Dogs severed head found on car
By Renee Nadeau

A heartless sicko has outraged Bay State pooch lovers, and everyone with a conscience, by decapitating a pit bull.

The pit bulls severed head was found Thursday morning inside a cookie tin that was placed atop the dog owners car, parked outside Gosnold Grove Apartments in East Falmouth.

The dog, Nitrous, had belonged to a woman who had moved from her home in October and was staying with a friend in the apartment building.

Falmouth Department of Natural Resources and nine other law enforcement agencies searched a Mashpee kennel Thursday evening, according to Chuck Martinsen, assistant director of the Department of Natural Resources, which is handling the investigation.

The people who live there (in the kennel) are still people of interest," Martinsen said.

We have a number of officers investigating different leads."


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