Maryland Company Offers DNA Testing for Dogs

 |  Mar 1st 2007  |   7 Contributions

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Company Offers Dog DNA Testing

Rhonda Erskine, Online Content Producer

We've all heard how DNA science is being used more and more every day. Now there's a company that can help identify the breeds in your mutt.

For anyone who's ever gotten a mixed breed dog, there's always that question. What breed of dog is this? But now you don't have to wonder.

Metamorphix Incorporated has come up with a simple DNA test that can identify 38 different breeds of dogs.

"The response has been overwhelming. People really want to know about their animals. They want to know what is the composition of breeds in their dogs and I think it just makes it so that they love their animals even more, knowing this information," says a spokesperson.

The test is simple. You just swab the inside of your dog's mouth and send the swab and other materials off to the lab. A certificate showing your dog's genetic makeup will be sent to you.

Animal experts say the test can alert dog owners to pre-disposed traits related to different breeds. That way, dog owner's can change their pet's exercise or eating habits to avoid future health problems.

Follow this link to read the rest and watch the video.


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