Man Sets House on Fire Trying to Cremate His Dog

 |  Jul 18th 2011  |   31 Contributions

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A man's attempt to cremate his dog was a big fail, causing extensive damage to his home (Photo: Inside Nova via NBC Washington)

Normally I wouldn't open your work week with a story like this, Dogsters, but it's such an odd one and brings up a question I'm sure many of you can answer, so here it is.

A Northern Virginia man was trying to cremate his 11-year-old Rottweiler in his backyard, using gasoline to help the pyre, according to news reports. The fire got out of control and quickly spread to the man's home, causing extensive damage.

According to the Associated Press, he says he was told by several shelters that his dog was too big for them to "dispose of." So he took matters into his own hands. It's Sunday night as I write this, so there are not crematoriums to call to check on this. So I ask you:

What do you think, Dogsters? Are some dogs too big for cremation? (They cremate horses, don't they?) Or was he perhaps just trying to save a buck? Many people bury their dogs themselves, but have you heard of anyone else who has cremated their dog themselves?


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