Man Says Talking Dog Told Him to Break into House

 |  Nov 16th 2011  |   10 Contributions

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Did a chatty dog give a man bad advice? (Photo: From the Flickr photostream of dianabog)

Dogs get blamed for all kinds of things. They eat our homework, they're stand-ins for our flatulence, and sometimes they even shoot people.

So it should come as no surprise that a man in Maine told authorities he broke into a house because a dog told him to. So did Jesus. In fact, the dog and Jesus said that if he broke in, the man would meet Taylor Swift there and they would marry in the backyard.

At least, that's what he told the cops.

Since I gave you guys something really heavy for yesterday's post, I wanted to go the other direction today and give you some lighter fare. Yesterday I asked what you thought about the veterinarian who euthanized a lost 17-year-old dog within three hours of her going missing from her owners' yard. Today I ask a question in a totally different vein: Have you ever blamed your dog for anything s/he didn't do? C'mon, be honest!

I'll be the first to fess up. One day last month when I was under huge deadline pressure to finish writing my book about military dogs, I had a big craving for some shortbread cookies the family had barely touched. With no sleep and no will power, I finished off the package — not something I normally do!

Later I overheard my husband and daughter talking in the kitchen about what could have happened to the cookies. They figured Jake had gotten them. My daughter even went over to Jake's bed and had a chat with him about how he was going to get fat again if he kept eating like that. I said nothing. So while I didn't outwardly blame him, I let him take the blame for my binge. I felt a little guilty, but with his counter-surfing ways, he was the prime suspect, and I didn't feel like getting the tsk-tsking I was probably in for. Thanks, Jake. I owe you one. ;)

Okay, any other perpetrators or relatives of perpetrators out there?

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