Man Runs Over Neighbor's Pug -- Twice -- For Pooping on Lawn

 |  Jan 24th 2011  |   29 Contributions

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How could anyone do such a thing to a pug, or any dog? (This is not the pug who was run over, but I'm reasonably sure he was just as cute.)

The violence over errant dog poop seems to be escalating. Police say a Utah man deliberately ran over his neighbor's pug after the pug pooped on his lawn. The man swerved his car toward the pug and ran over him, and then shifted into reverse and ran over him again, reports the Salt Lake City Tribune.

The pug later died.

The man told cops he didn't mean to hit him, but police didn't believe him. He was cited for animal cruelty and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Of course, the dog shouldn't have been pooping on the neighbor's lawn. But of course, it wasn't the dog's fault. The little guy didn't know where property lines are drawn. I wonder what kind of punishment this man is going to get?

(Photo: Flickr photostream of Megan Lorenz)


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