Man Punches Dog in Face, Gets Arrested for Robbery

 |  Apr 21st 2011  |   21 Contributions

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When a man punched a bull mastiff like this one in the face in front of witnesses, police investigated and found out the man's other alleged crimes (Photo: Black River Bullmastiffs)

Here's a rule they should teach in Deadbeat 101: If you're going to rob a coffee stand, don't go around punching your dog in the face afterward.

An Oregon man got away with highway robbery (or strip mall robbery, more accurately) when he allegedly robbed a drive-through coffee stand a few months ago, absconding with an undisclosed amount of cash. Yesterday, someone saw the man, Michael Wayne Foust, punching a bull mastiff in the face. Police were called in and discovered that Foust is apparently the same fella wanted for robbery. He threatened to release his dog on the officers, but that didn't go over big with law enforcement.

Foust was charged with two counts of second-degree robbery, coercion, third-degree theft and second-degree animal abuse, according to the Herald and News. He's being held in county jail on $33,000 bail.

The dog was taken in by the local animal control and is being evaluated by veterinarians. I don't have any updates on him yet, but I hope he'll be up for adoption to a good home soon.


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