Man Frees Puppy From Alligator's Jaws

 |  May 31st 2006  |   1 Contribution

And what would you do to save your furbaby? Thanks to Ted R. for sending me this piece from


A morning walk Monday turned into a dangerous tango with an alligator for one dog owner.

Michael Rubin took Jasmine, a 6-month-old golden retriever, and his other dog, a border collie named Frisbee, for a run near a construction site. The puppy ran ahead of Rubin to the edge of a pond, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

Rubin heard the dog cry. When he went to check on her, he saw the puppy's head inside an alligator's mouth. Rubin jumped in the water and started beating the gator with his fist.

The reptile refused to let go of Jasmine and started rolling in the water with the dog still in its mouth. He estimated the gator was about 7 feet long.

"I thought she was dead," Rubin said. "But at that point I wasn't going to let him have my dog."

He eventually pried the dog loose and rushed her to an animal hospital, where she was treated for cuts and puncture wounds. The puppy is in good condition, Rubin said.


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