Man Drives Tractor to Pound to Break Out His Poodle

 |  Oct 21st 2010  |   32 Contributions

This story is so bizarre that the video below captures it best. It involves a man who drives his small tractor everywhere. When police picked up his small poodle, Little Buddy Rough and Tough, who had been loose in the streets, the man threatened to kill them if he took his dog to the pound. They took him, and he drove his tractor to the pound and broke his poodle out of doggy jail. What at first seems like a quirky and bizarre little tale set in a small town in Oklahoma turns very disturbing when you hear how it ended. Watch the video, and scroll down for more.

Yes, they euthanized the small poodle, apparently because of a rule about not keeping animals in the pound for more than three days. So while the man who tried to save him sat helplessly in his jail cell, the hourglass was running out on Little Buddy Rough and Tough's life. While the man was still in jail, Budy's life was snuffed out.

This seems horrendously mean spirited -- an intentional strike against the man, whom the police clearly do not like. It's a horrible ending to what seemed like a great oddball story. I wasn't going to post this here after I learned the whole story, because it's such a needlessly sad ending. But I've been seeing more stories about police and dogs lately where things don't end well for the dogs, and I think it's important we're all aware of the potential problems that can -- on rare occasion -- happen.

A little poodle, like the one who was euthanized because his owner couldn't get him out in time


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