Man Arrested In Heart Of Glass Case

 |  Oct 12th 2008  |   8 Contributions

On September 30th I posted Heart Of Glass, a case where two dogs ate glass laced meatballs left in their yard.

I'm happy to report a man has been arrested for this cruel and cowardly act.

Pittsburgh, PA (AHN) -- A Pittsburgh man is charged with cruelty to animals for feeding two of his neighbor's dogs meatballs laced with glass and nails.

Brett Kolarik, 41, turned himself into police Friday after the dog's owner, Debra Rogers, realized that the meatballs were filled with harmful materials after her dogs seemed unwell.

Police told reporters that Kolarik fed the dogs the hazardous materials because he was tired of their incessant barking.

The dogs, a beagle and a husky, required emergency surgery at a cost of $4,000. Both are home recovering.

If convicted, Kolarik faces up to two years in jail per count of animal cruelty. He would also have to pay restitution to Rogers.

I'm glad to hear the dogs are home and doing well. Let's hope Kolarik has to pay the $4,000 medical bill, along with jail time so he can think about what he did.


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